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Our Products

Multi-storey Timber Carparks

An EnviroPark multi-storey timber carpark replaces the need to use large amounts of steel and concrete to build large scale parking facilities by using modern methods of construction with sustainably managed timber. We aim to provide cost effective solutions that are competitive with traditional building materials and methods.

Engineered Timber Solar Shade Structures

The EnviroPark Solaris solar carpark structures combine sustainable modern timber design with minimal ground footprint. EnviroPark Solaris carparks provide a sound and robust structural framework for the installation of solar panels over large scale carparks in conjunction with Gravitas Energy.  

Solar Farm Timber Support Frames

EnviroPark timber support frame structures are suitable for a range of commercial solar farm applications and are customised to suit your panel size and mounting system. The environmental benefits of solar may be partially negated when using steel as a support structure.