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Sustainability concerns are driving innovation in the built environment. The energy and water requirements to produce modern building materials are now being considered as key factors informing design and construction. Commonly used products such as steel, concrete and timber are being reconsidered against stringent environmental benchmarks and sustainably managed timber is emerging as the clear leader.
Advances in digital design, prefabrication and engineered timber products, such as Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL), Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and Glue Laminated Timber (Glulam), provide a range of new design and construction possibilities for the modern built environment.
In the past, suitable timber construction systems have not been readily available for use in multi-storey carpark structures or large-scale solar installations. With the increasing availability of LVL, CLT and Glulam, timber can now provide a real alternative to steel and concrete for these structures.
The timbers used in every EnviroPark structure comes from sustainably managed plantation forests. Each EnviroPark building stores more carbon than is released throughout the manufacture and construction process and EnviroPark is leading in the use of timber for multi-storey carparks and large-scale solar installations.
Investing in an EnviroPark timber structure means more than building a carpark, solar carport/shade structure or covered walkway, it means you will be investing in the future of our planet.
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Costs of construction in timber should be on par with concrete and steel. Time savings with timber far exceed concrete and steel.

Timber absorbs carbon as it grows and it is retained for the life of the material. Steel and concrete production is responsible for 23% of Australia’s carbon emissions*.

*Planet Ark

Mass timber structures burn in a slow and manageable way. Should a fire occur in a timber carpark, the timber structure insulates itself through charring and is able to retain its structural integrity to allow firefighting authorities to quell the fire.

Australian standards dictate insect management requirements for all timber buildings. All EnviroPark timber is treated against termites and fungal decay.

Engineered timber structure are incredibly robust and can withstand forces far in excess of those experienced by a multi-storey carpark on a day to day basis.